All industrial machinery and heavy rotating equipment reach the point where mechanical overhaul, or replacement parts are required. Some machines that do not have spare parts available anymore, for others the purchase of OEM spare parts is not feasible from a financial perspective, or perhaps lead time for new parts is too far away. In this case, Nidco can easily reverse engineer your original parts and manufacture the new parts identical to the originals. Alternatively, if possible, we may repair your old parts and bring them back to service.

We can manufacture or renovate shafts, pistons, bearings, motors, pumps, special screws & fasteners. Our unique experience, equipment and ability to choose the most suitable raw materials, production processes and final configuration creates parts identical to the originals in quality.

In addition, it is a common occurrence for end users or machinery operators to purchase heavy rotating equipment or other industrial heavy machinery from a leading manufacturer overseas and during assembly at the customers factory it transpires that there is some failure, certain parts do not fit or align, or are missing and assembly cannot be completed. In such cases we can offer quick and efficient solutions such as production of faulty or missing parts and repair of parts that are incompatible or cause problems. These changes and modifications can be made in our workshop or on-site (add link).

We recommend that such works are supervised by a Technical Advisor on behalf of the OEM.