Nidco is certified to perform variety of welding techniques according to worldwide welding standards, including aviation standard welding, ASME and AWS standards:

MIG Welding - Nidco has in its facility a heavy metal workshop, capable of producing complex and heavy frameworks (up to 50 tons) made of different metals such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel and super duplex according to the required standard.

TIG Welding – Nidco also has a light metal department for manufacturing parts by TIG welding using argon according to a variety of standards, including aerospace.

White metal casting and submerged arc welding -  Nidco is one of the last workshops in Israel who still perform white metal castings and submerged arc welding. The first technique is used primarily to repair large bearings, giving them a longer life. Post casting and cooling they undergo machining in our shop bringing them back to their original state and dimensions. Cracked, broken or corroded parts can also receive a new life after welding and machining and Nidco has the ability to do the entire process from start to finish of any size parts - weighing up to 50 tons.