On-site Machining and Mechanics

Sometimes machines are just too big to transport to a workshop for maintenance service or the cost of disassembly for the purpose of maintenance is too costly or complicated. In this case Nidco on-site machining and mechanical services service is just what you need!

We will deploy, on-site, at your facility, a full service workshop including all necessary mechanical toolings and machining and grinding equipment and bring to your machines the full capabilities of our workshop, including highly skilled and experienced staff.

This service may be deployed upon prior scheduling and for emergency repair.

Nidco stocks dozens of portable metalworking machines suitable for all applications. Lathes, milling machines, gantry machines and grinders to carry out all types of machining jobs.

In addition, we own a large number of fully equipped tool containers, each specializing in a different type of job, suitable for all mechanical work including assembly and disassembly and all types of heavy rotating equipment including turbines, gears, motors, valves and pumps.

We are able to deploy our equipment and team and have them operational on-site within a few hours' notice, fully trained personnel, including the required safety certification such as safety induction and work at heights permits for work at such places, 24/7.