Nidco workshop has all the equipment, experience and knowledge to perform overhaul and maintenance for giant pumps, including machining, welding, mechanical assembly and disassembly, and our all new special coating department which is equipped advanced dedicated equipment and employs first class of professionals.

Nidco has brought new standards to the field of large pump maintenance and overhaul resulting from our countless experience in heavy rotating equipment and overhauls and have added this to the wide variety of services. We also offer periodic maintenance and repair of giant pumps and in-house special coatings for pump coating extending pump life significantly.

We provide our customers with full service maintenance of pumps including on-site disassembly, transport to the workshop, cleaning, welding, metal filling if required, machining, painting, coating and mechanical assembly, and of course re-assembly on-site.

The overhaul process starts by dismantling the pump by a team of skilled mechanics on-site with all the required tools.

The pump is then loaded onto a truck and transported to Nidco workshop where it is cleaned and dismantled. All parts are checked and examined to make sure they are functional.

Parts that are not, are repaired if possible. Otherwise spare parts are purchased from the original manufacturer and if this is not possible fabricated in our shop out of specialty materials such as super duplex. The pump undergoes the process of cleaning, machining and painting. The inner parts coated with special polymers and vinyl ester to preserve the pump parts for a longer work time between overhauls.

The project end with the proper pump tested and then transported back to the client and assembled on-site if required.

Our workshop has a lifting capacity of 50 tons available at each and every workstation, enabling seamless work and a smooth transition between work stations throughout the overhaul process, saving time and therefore money. Furthermore, the existence of all these capabilities in-house, under one roof eliminates having to shift parts between different contractors, which eventually reduces the costs of overhaul considerably.

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